Best Kids' Books of AprilChoosing the top children’s books for April was particularly fun this time around; reading through piles of beautiful and clever picture books, sweet little board books, and novels for older kids that ran the gambit from powerful tales of growing up, to fast-paced adventure. 

Below I’ve highlighted one title from each of the Best Children’s Books of April age range lists (you’ll also find links to see all the titles picked this month).  Among the titles you’ll see some familiar faces like Olivia the Spy by Ian Falconer, (our number one pick for ages 3 to 5) along with new authors we’re excited to introduce.

Best Kids' Books of April 
Baby to Age 2
I love these
Indestructibles books.  They can be chewed, washed, and baby-mauled over and over and still hold up for another round.  The latest title,
Things that Go!, is full of eye-popping color and every imaginable mode of transportation is shown floating, chugging, and racing across the pages so there’s plenty to see with every viewing.
See the full list for Baby-Age 2
Best Kids' Books of April 
Ages 3 to 5
Escargot is a sweet, funny picture book about a snail who wishes children thought of him not as a slimy pest but more like a creature that could make a nice pet.  Do not be alarmed if you find yourself speaking in a (possibly very bad) French accent while reading this one aloud… 
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Best Kids' Books of April 
Ages 6 to 8
April’s list for beginning and early readers has picture books for older kids along with chapter books like
CatStronauts: Mission Moon.  The world has fallen on dark days and a solor power plant on the moon is the only hope it’s up to the bravest of them all to make it happen.  Even reluctant readers will have a hard time resisting the power of…space cats.
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Best Kids' Books of April 
Ages 9 to 12
Emma Donoghue is already a best-selling adult novelist (
Room) and 
The Lotterys Plus One is her first book for younger readers.  The story centers around a big, boisterous family that suddenly has to add a new member–a previously estranged grandfather suffering from dementia.  A warm, modern tale that embraces diversity, love, and belonging.
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Best Kids' Books of April 
Nonfiction Children’s Books
The ideal companion for the extremely popular 
Rosie Revere, Engineer picture book, the 
Rosie Revere’s Big Project Book for Bold Engineers
is a hardcover activity book to help kids ages 5 to 7 explore their creative and engineering skills with fun building and problem solving projects. 

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