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Saint Mazie by Jami Attenberg

Jami Attenberg’s Saint Mazie is our Best of the Month Spotlight Pick for June. The novel is based on "Saint Mazie" - An Interview with Author Jami Attenbergthe real Mazie Gordon-Phillips, a hard-drinkin’ goodtime girl with a heart of gold who helped the homeless in the Lower East Side of Manhattan during the Great Depression. It’s a story that, among other things, reminds you just how powerful “small” acts of kindness can be, and how anyone, even a humble ticket taker at a movie theater, can turn an entire neighborhood’s frown upside down.

We caught up with Ms. Attenberg at Book Expo America last month to talk about her “personal hero” and…apples.



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"Saint Mazie" - An Interview with Author Jami Attenberg
Saint Mazie
Jami Attenberg

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