The latest from the bestselling author of Still Alice, a quintessential American story, magical realism done right, a comedy of errors, and more.

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Best Books of the Month: Literature and Fiction Every Note Played by Lisa Genova

Somewhere Reese Witherspoon is learning how to pretend to play the piano, because I can easily see her starring in a film adaptation of this tug-on-the-heart-strings novel. Lisa Genova is a neurologist as well as an author, and she uses her novels to teach people about diseases like Alzheimer’s (Still Alice), and, in this case, ALS. ‘Every Note’ features a philandering, ego-maniacal concert pianist, felled by this terrible illness, who then has to rely on his ex-wife–also a pianist–and estranged daughter to take care of him.

Best Books of the Month: Literature and Fiction The House of Broken Angels by Luis Alberto Urrea

"Love is the answer. Nothing stops it. Not borders. Not death." This sentiment is the heart of a moving family drama from noted Mexican American poet, novelist, and essayist, Luis Alberto Urrea. Opening with a celebration of birth, and death, the de La Cruz clan learns to put their competing agendas aside when push comes to shove. The House of Broken Angels is a timely novel about the American Dream. 

Best Books of the Month: Literature and Fiction Awayland by Ramona Ausubel

When the term magical realism is mentioned, it’s not uncommon for it to conjure an eye roll. There is a limited but esteemed number of writers who can pull this genre off well, and Ramona Ausubel fits in nicely among them. This clever collection of short stories will take you on a trip around the world as it mines the complicated terrain of the heart.

Best Books of the Month: Literature and Fiction The Adulterants by Joe Dunthorne

Joe Dunthorne channels Nick Hornby in The Adulterants, a comedic, coming-of-age novel featuring…a 30-something. After an ill-advised flirtation at a party, tech journalist Ray Morris’s life goes into a downward spiral. It’s a testament to Dunthorne’s writing chops that you’ll want to root for him just slightly more than you want to shake him.

Best Books of the Month: Literature and Fiction Gods of Howl Mountain by Taylor Brown

North Carolina in the 1950s. Bootlegger Rory Docherty is hawking his wares and evading authorities–and a very dangerous competitor–but it’s only a matter of time before his luck runs out. The key to his survival rests with his granny, whose formidable healing powers are the stuff of legend. But she harbors a secret that adds another dangerous layer to Rory’s already treacherous life. 

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