Amazon's Best Books of September: Today's ReleasesThe TV show “Desperate Housewives” made entertaining hay dramatizing the bad things that befell the denizens of a certain cookie cutter neighborhood, and that concept takes a darker turn in Celeste Ng’s Little Fires Everywhere. The Cleveland suburb of Shaker Heights is known for its prescribed and placid character, but a new arrival shakes things up, and the community will never be the same. Senior Editor Chris Schluep says that with this second novel (her first was our favorite book of 2014), Ng "has established herself as a writer of rare sensitivity and talent."

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Amazon's Best Books of September: Today's Releases
Ranger Games by Ben Blum
Ranger Games is a true crime novel that reads like a binge-worthy television show. Ben Blum, like most of his family, was shocked by the actions of his cousin and proud Army Ranger, Alex Blum. On a final leave before deployment, rather than going home to spend time with his family, Alex jumped in a car and drove to Tacoma, WA where he and four others (two of which he didn’t know) robbed a bank. Was it a training gone wrong or a cry for help yelled from a seemingly perfect exterior? Blum’s deep research, crafted storytelling, and seamless writing style will have you sucked in from the start and wanting more when you finish. –Penny Mann
Amazon's Best Books of September: Today's Releases
The Twelve-Mile Straight by Eleanor Henderson
Unflinching and immersive,
The Twelve-Mile Straight is a panoramic portrait of 1930s Georgia, where poverty and violence collide with wealth and family – born and bred, white and black, rich and poor. Set in the Jim Crow South, bestselling author Eleanor Henderson begins her novel with damning clarity: two babies are born on a sharecropper’s farm in Cotton County, one light skinned and one dark skinned. As the story goes, they are twins born to Juke Jessup’s daughter, Elma. With help from Nan, the black housekeeper, the two women raise these babies into a world that is collapsing around them. A lynching on the farm sets off a series of secrets and cover-ups that threaten to ruin the family Elma has created. Will the truth set them free or bury them alive? Henderson’s novel unravels the day to day hardship of a small town in the south and how abuse, inequality and racism scar and wound generation after generation. –Al Woodworth

Amazon's Best Books of September: Today's Releases

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